Omnilux Clear™ Canada
Omnilux Clear™ Canada
Omnilux Clear™ Canada
Omnilux Clear™
Omnilux Clear™ Canada
Omnilux Clear™
Omnilux Clear™
Omnilux Clear™
Omnilux Clear™

Omnilux Clear™

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Take control of your acne, and experience the relief and confidence of clear, healthy skin with gold-standard Omnilux medical technology in the comfort of your own home.

Significantly reduce or eliminate acne in a series of easy, pain-free 10 -minute treatments with Omnilux Clear.

Omnilux Clear is the original flexible, FDA-cleared blue and red LED light therapy mask specifically designed for acne. It's been tested, proven, and backed by peer-reviewed science, all to ensure the best possible outcomes and performance.

With two wavelengths of light (blue and red), optimized energy output, more LEDs, and a larger treatment area than any other brand, Clear is designed and manufactured using Omnilux's proprietary gold-standard medical device technology. While other brands may claim to use "Omnilux technology" - there is only one true Omnilux.

Why Omnilux?

The most tested, most trusted brand of LED phototherapy systems on the market today, Omnilux has been the gold standard around the world for medical and aesthetic applications since 2003. Discover the Omnilux Difference.

  • The original leader in non-invasive LED technology
  • More than 40 peer-reviewed published studies that validate its clinical claims and treatment protocols
  • Over 4,500 installations worldwide
  • Continuous research for new and novel indications and applications
  • Validated by the Journals of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Photochemistry and Photobiology B, ASLMS, and many others
  • More FDA approved indications than any other brand
  • Global regulatory approvals include US FDA, Japanese MHLW, Korean KFDA, China CFDA, Australian TGA, and many others
  • Originally developed in partnership with Cancer Research UK

    How to use: 

    Four 10-minute treatments for 6 weeks. After the initial series is complete, use at the first signs of a breakout.

    • Charge your controller & then connect it to the device
    • Prepare your skin
    • Secure the device to your head using the velcro straps
    • Protect your eyes
    • Start the 10-minute treatment
    • Remove the mask and apply moisturizer to skin
    • Gently wipe down the mask

      Please note — this product is not advised for trying/expecting/feeding Mothers.


      DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed and the risk is unknown.

      DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women and therefore the risk to the fetus, neonate or pregnant women is unknown.

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