Microneedling - eDermaStamp® Treatment 

Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks with the complete Dermaroller® Collagen Induction Therapy Professional & Home Care System.The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® features the highest quality, medical grade, sterile needles – optimally placed for precision penetration and maximum safety. With the fastest motor on the market, the eDermaStamp® offers the best results and eliminates reckless tearing of the skin imposed by imitation devices.


The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® causes minimally invasive precision micro-injuries of the epidermis and dermis, without causing open wounds or ablative damage. The puncturing channels close after a short time and these micro-injuries trigger the body’s wound healing cascade, which induces an increased collagen production in the treated skin. The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® triggers the construction of new tissue by stimulating healthy cell regeneration in precision-targeted areas that show the signs of aging. It effectively reduces wrinkles, tightens and thickens the skin, and – perhaps most impressively – fills and smooths scars.

Certified Medical-Grade Equipment

The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® is ISO13485 certified, meeting all standards for medical-grade equipment in manufacturing, materials, sterile packaging and more. NOTE: Though it is a certified medical device, it’s not limited to physician use. With appropriate training offered through Dermaspark, non-medical spas can administer this treatment.

Fastest Motor on the Market

At 150 strokes per second (the fastest on the market!) the eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® can safely glide over the skin without scratching or tearing the skin. Poor quality micro-needling pens which operate at a slower insertion rate (100 to 120 strokes per second) can cause scratches and micro-tears in the tissue as the tip moves across the face. The result can be increased epidermal damage and increased risk of infection.

Non Ablative

Where other scar and anti-aging treatments are ablative (destroying tissue), the eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® respects the integrity of the epidermis and dermis, using atraumatic (non-traumatic) perforations to gently trigger the generation of new tissue.

Optimal Needle Count

Don’t be mislead by imitation rollers that boast “the most needles”. Though we want to maximize the number of perforations, too many needles compromises the safety and comfort of the treatment. Imagine a bed of nails: while a bed of nails can easily support your body weight without a nail perforating your skin, a single nail would easily penetrate your skin under the same pressure. Similarly, a roller with too many needles will require dangerous and uncomfortable amounts of pressure in order to penetrate the skin to the appropriate depth. The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® employs the optimal number of needles to maximize effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Electric vs. Battery

The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® is built for consistency. As an electric device, it outputs consistent power which means consistent performance. A battery operated device outputs inconsistent power. As the battery starts to wear out, the tip will slow down and the results can be unwanted micro tears and scratching of the skin.

Dermaroller® is Licensed by Health Canada

The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® is licensed by Health Canada. There are countless imitation products on the market that are not licensed by Health Canada so we recommend you do your research, to protect your health and safety. Search for Dermaroller’s Health Canada license.


Micro-needling therapy with the eDermaStamp® is one of the most popular, non-invasive treatments for dull, aged and wrinkled skin, scarring, hyperpigmentation of the face and body. This treatment triggers the body’s spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation and the formation of new collagen.

  • Intensively moisturizes skin

  • Reduces wrinkles and age spots

  • Improves the natural tone, texture and elasticity of the skin

  • Minimizes scarring and stretch marks

  • Thickens skin and minimizes appearance of pores

  • Inhibits and reverses signs of aging

  • Induces collagen production and improves cell communication

Full Face - 60MIN - $450
Face + Neck - 75MIN - $550
Stretch Marks - Upon Consultation

Purchase a packaged series of three  at a regular price & receive an Oxygenetix medical foundation ($98 value).


HYAL (Hyaluronic Acid) and ANTI-OX (Powerful Antioxidants) are paired together to create a fully comprehensive therapeutic option for skin revitalization. The active ingredients promote cell vitality and improve the skin’s regenerative ability. In combination with the micro needling, this holistic treatment offers an excellent way to actively stimulate skin rejuvenation.

  • Intensively moisturizes skin

  • Reduces wrinkles and age spots

  • Maintains the natural tone, texture and elasticity of the skin

  • Infuses powerful antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals

  • Minimizes appearance of pores

  • Prevents and inhibit targeted premature skin aging

  • Induces collagen production and improve cell communication

Full Face - 60MIN -$400

Face + Neck - 75MIN - $500
Purchase a packaged series of three at a regular price & receive an Oxygenetix medical foundation ($98 value).